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kei’s artist bio

kei slaughter [pronouns they/them] is a Soul-Folk Sonic Storyteller conjuring bokou magik from deep New Orleans roots. A Queer Black GNC/NB* Vocalist, Flutist, Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Community Music Therapist, kei believes in the power of music to activate and promote healing, freedom, connection, and sustainable joy. As a versatile musician, kei plays piano, guitar, percussion, beat boxes, and is especially celebrated for their funky flute-playing and gospel powerhouse vocals. kei grew up singing and preaching in church and once you hear them, you’ll understand how they could bring folks to their knees —- seamlessly weaving (Neo)Soul, Folk, and Roots traditions into one captivating and highly inventive musical landscape. kei crafts energetic soul-stirring sound worlds - marked by rich lyricism, intuitive musicianship, raw vulnerability, and dynamic presence - drawing inspiration from artists like Me’shell N’degeocello, Krystle Warren, and Nicole Mitchell. It’s no coincidence that kei is a music therapist as well as an artist: “kei” music is like a companion on an internal journey, moving with you through all its changes, pleasures, and surprises. kei’s work as an artist and healer emerge from the same place, powerfully informed by their soul-awareness and a deep commitment to radical authtencity. Discography: Dark Fire (2017). Special Awards: Delgado Songwriting Contest Winner 2018. Noted Collaborative Projects: Spirit & Sparrow, #DignityinProcess, Last Call Nola Alleged Lesbian Activities.

kei is also the Founder of S O U L F O L K Sounds and Whimsy Creator of The Pencil Fairy. For more info/booking, contact:

*GNC/NB = Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary