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Songs From The Soul ft. Joy Clark, Kei Slaughter, & Dusky Waters

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JOY CLARK's musical artistry feels like a warm, fresh twist on the fervently familiar. Her tranquil yet ardent original creations are a heady mix of her major influences. Think Tracy Chapman, Lizz Wright, Maxwell, Anita Baker, Stevie Nicks and Chris Eaton. Now add a bluesy bayou vibe with a splash of folk sensibility and a dash of alternative appeal, and you’ll understand why this homegrown New Orleans singer/ songwriter/guitarist transcends both age and the ordinary. Having studied her self-taught craft since the age of 12, Joy truly embodies the bliss that comes with creating melodies and rhythms to celebrate peace and the undeniable power of love. Her music is often described as the essence of ease, upliftment, self-affirmation and sensitivity. It’s no wonder that she quickly rose to critical acclaim as one of the creators and lead singers of the now disbanded Soulkestra, performed with Water Seed, and living legends Cyril Neville and Chaka Khan, and continues to enchant audiences throughout the Southern United States and around the world.

KEI SLAUGHTER [pronouns they/them] is a Soul-Folk Sonic Storyteller conjuring bokou magik from deep New Orleans roots. A Queer Black Vocalist, Flutist, Songwriter, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist, kei blends lyrical soundscapes and intuitive artistry with musical storytelling and community healing. Delighting audiences with their soulful, smart, and highly inventive compositions, kei brings a dynamic energy to every stage they touch. kei's debut album Dark Fire is available now. Learn more at

DUSKY WATERS is the one-woman project by singer-songwriter Jennifer Jeffers. Dusky represents the most magical time of day and Waters describes the Mississippi from which she draws strength and inspiration. Dusky’s songwriting is honest and vulnerable to its core. She writes of love and love lost, of the draw of the South, and of the unending quest to find one’s truest self. She draws inspiration from musical powerhouses Elizabeth Cotten, Rhiannon Giddens, and the Avett Brothers. Dusky keeps her sound fresh with a mix of instruments, non-traditional melodies and live looping at her shows. Every Dusky show is an intimate experience where she enchants listeners with intricate layers of melodies and stories told through soulful lyricism.