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S O U L F O L K Sounds is a radical community music production and sound healing practice for the people, lovingly centering Queer Black Magik and QTPOC Kin.

Our mission is to create safe spaces that center, uplift, and celebrate QTPOC (Queer & Trans People of Color) by offering culturally responsive music therapy, production, community programs, and training/consulting. We seek to use music as an agent for healing, connection, radical authenticity, and the full flourishing and liberation of QTGNC (Queer/Trans/GenderNon-conforming) Black Lives and Communities of Color. We are committed to healing and social justice and Love as a liberatory practice.


S O U L F O L K are you and me-- the ones who don't quite fit one "genre." We are the ones who bang out beats on our chests, grew up sangin' Backatown gospel, shout spirituals on the front lines, attune to ancestral bass in bounce and hip hop hymnals. S O U L F O L K unapologetically center, celebrate, and affirm Black Folk and QTPOC Kin, as we Be and Build Freedom together….





*Individual and Group Music Therapy/Sound Healing Sessions

*Vocal Psychotherapy Sessions (1:1)

*Assessments / Consultations




*Music Production:

  • Project Vision + Mapping

  • Creation/Development of Material / Project Content

  • Recording, Booking Studio Time, Musicians, Etc

  • Mixing, Mastering, Production of Project



*Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons

*Healing-Performance Spaces

*Sonic Storytelling Circles

*Freedom Song Circles

*QTPOC Jam Sessions

*Community Workshops (ie The PlayRoom, Free The Voice, and more)



*Curriculum and Programming Design

*Staff Trainings/In-Services

  • Topics include:

    • Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed, Social Justice Integrated Community Music Therapy Praxis

    • Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed Youth Leadership Development, LGBTQ + Youth of Color


Listening Sample :

Check out this QTPOC freedom cypher facilitated by S O U L F O L K Sounds Founder/Director, kei slaughter, at awQward Camp New Orleans (Fall 2017).

This workshop was part of a 2-day event for QTPOC artists that kei also helped to shape in collaboration with awQward Founder, J Mase III.



 kei. photo credit: Gus Bennett, NOPP 2018.

kei. photo credit: Gus Bennett, NOPP 2018.

/ kei slaughter /

kei [pronouns they/them] is a Gender-Non-Conforming Queer Black Musician/Composer, Soulful Healer, and Community Activator. As a Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Sonic Storyteller, they conjure bokou ancestral magik from deep New Orleans roots. kei grew up in a musical family, harmonizing hymns around the dinner table while singing and preaching in the Black Church. From the marching band to the choir stand, music has always been something kei enjoyed in community spaces infused with the sacred power of Black Sound. kei plays piano, guitar, and is especially celebrated for their funky flute-playing and gospel powerhouse vocals. With such a rich, spirited background, it’s no wonder that kei’s music has often been described as “inherently healing.” In 2017, they produced/released their first solo album, Dark Fire, followed by the release of their song “Land Loss” on the United Bakery Records Revue 1 compilation.

In addition to leading, writing, and playing for a range of cross-disciplinary projects, kei is also a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and Vocal Psychotherapist building from a Queer Black Feminist framework. Currently working at the intersections of music, youth leadership development, cultural organizing, and healing justice, kei has over a decade of experience supporting, working with, and building out educational and restorative programs for youth of color and LGBTQ+POC. Settings have included: trauma-informed residential treatment facilities, juvenile justice centers, K-12 schools, faith communities, among others. In 2018, kei launched S O U L F O L K Sounds, a radical community music production and sound healing practice for the people, lovingly centering Queer Black Magik and QTPOC Kin.

kei holds a Bachelors in Music Therapy from Loyola University New Orleans, an MFA in Music Composition from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and completed advanced clinical training in Vocal Psychotherapy.

Learn more at keislaughter.com.

let the music be, let the music set you FREE!
— kei



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