The Pencil Fairy - Origin Story

concept by kei slaughter //   design by sophie radl

concept by kei slaughter // design by sophie radl

Once upon a time, in the year of our Fairy 2014, kei (that's me), a pencil-lovin' pixie, met Pete. Pete was a colleague, a social worker, often adorned with a pocket protector and a stapled stack of legal pad paper for rapid note-taking, not to mention a zip-up pencil case only a few paper clips away, usually overstuffed, like a po-boy. People could talk really fast and sometimes forever in work meetings y'know, but Pete was prepared. A really cool guy and somewhat of a graphite guru. You can learn a lot at 3am. That's the time Pete woke up every morning. Seriously, so early!

(But I digress. Back to kei and Pete...)

As you might imagine, it didn't take very long for these two awkward, kindred spirits to realize what rested at the he(art) of their peculiar connection: a deep, whimsy affinity for THE PENCIL. kei especially crushed on the ones that had been used before, mildly worn, and a fun fashionable size for rockin' it behind the ear. Why? Because pencils are awesome. So much swag.

(Okay, moving on from there...passage of time...passage of time...)

It was a bustling Fall day (maybe - it could have been Spring -  don't quote me) when the magik really started to happen. Pete, the earliest of birds, began leaving small bundles of these scribbly tools around the workplace for kei to find. Sometimes on a desk or near a door, very rarely in person, and almost always when it was least expected. Sometimes these special deliveries were gifted in an envelope, a recycled jar, a cardboard box, or simply wrapped in a plain ol’ rubber band. Pencils from all 'walks' of life, varying in shape, size, color, and narrative. Oh, and ALWAYS freshly sharpened. They stayed on point. Such a sweet and dreamy arrangement. And that it was. 

They say all good things must come to an end, and it sort of did, but not really though. When kei transitioned from that job (insert: sad face emoji) and moved many miles away (from Philly back to New Orleans), Pete kept the tradition alive and continued to send little pencil packages via the snail mail. That was really nice too. The element of surprise. 

These random and yet very thoughtful acts of kindness amplified kei's excitement for pencils and writing and whimsical he(art) imaginings. They knew then that they wanted to keep experiencing and passing on this kind of generosity, sense of play, spontaneity, and joy. kei opened to wonder in a whole new way and made a commitment to spread this magik all around, telling it on the mountain, that the Pencil Fairy was born.

Born indeed - out of a genuine and uncomplicated love for all things pencils.

And so it is.

The beginning. The seed. The origin. The inspiration. 

So where are we now?

My name is kei and I am the Pencil Fairy. I thank Pete for the ways he inspired this dream, simply by being himself and committing to a kind, quirky gesture. As a composer, musician, and avid list-maker, I call upon these tiny utilitarian treasures all the time. I enjoy them - the possibilities and stories they draw out of me, a stirring of the imagination, being in awe of the ordinary, the mystical in the mundane. I am writing again. It's all so much fun! And that, dear ones - whether you're an artist, a writer, a creative, a student, a list-maker (like me), a grocery shopper, or someone simply holding dear the nostalgia of a grade school pencil companion - whatever and whoever you say you are - this is my invitation to YOU!

Let's return to the pencil. Back where it all began...

Now, will you join me in this movement???

Write. Flight. or Breathe?

::just say yes::




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The Pencil Fairy is a whimsy pencil shop blissfully powered by Queer Black Pixie magik, joy, and imagination.